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The current job platforms for job listings have been diverse and information can be chaotic. It is not desirable at all to randomly send your resume to contacts you find.

What is crucial is to approach specific healthcare institutions of interest appropriately, ensuring that you show your personal branding and strength, and building and maintaining a good relationship with them.

Healthcare institutions are always seeking reliable candidates who can work as competent professionals they can trust.

Road to Your Next Career

This is where the right approach begins.

1. Speak with a Recruiter

Our recruiter will conduct screening session

  • to gather your preferences
  • to determine if you are applying for the right position and assess if there are other positions that may be a suitable match for you.

2. Submit Required Documents

Our recruiter requests you to submit the required documents/certifications for the position you apply for and complete the database registration. We review the submitted documents, create your portfolio, and send it to the healthcare institutions.

3. Proceed to Interview

The HR department at healthcare institution reviews your portfolio we prepared for you. If you pass the portfolio evaluation, you will receive a direct contact from the HR department at healthcare institution to process to an interview.

4. Hired!

Congratulations! You enter the pre-boarding process following the instructions provided by the healthcare institution.

Example Positions

  • SDU/New Grad SDU
  • ED/New Grad ED
  • Telemetry/New Grad Telemetry
  • Acute Rehab
  • Urgent Care/EMS Standby
  • Wound Care
  • GI
  • Chemo
  • OR
  • Cardiac Cath Lab
  • Nurse Educator
  • Family Nurse Practioner
  • Case Manager
  • Behavioral Health Unit
  • Patient Care Cordinator
  • Pedeatric Transport
  • Infection Nurse
  • Physician Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • IV Technician
  • Front Bilingual Receptionist
Your Job Seeking Solution

Your Job Seeking Solution

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